Reliable Measurements for Energy Efficiency

Buildings are major sources of greenhouse gas emission in a densely populated urban environment. As a nation, Singapore is committed to reduce emission by 36% in 2030 with reference to 2005 level under the Paris Agreement. To reach that goal, Singapore aims to have 80% of buildings greened by 2030 under the Green Building Master Plan. Today, about one third of the buildings in Singapore are already Green Mark-certified, a Singapore’s certification scheme that is now used by over eighty cities around the world. To be certified green, energy usage in the building’s chilled water systems is an important factor. Accurate and reliable measurements and methods are essential to ensure that critical parameters are recorded correctly, and energy efficiency figures are reliable. The ability to measure accurately and reliably also enables the development of technologies and innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of chilled water systems.

On 15 November, NMC organised a “Seminar on Measurements of Energy Efficiency in Chilled Water Systems”, which was supported by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Singapore Chapter. More than 140 participants from the industry, including building management, contractors and consultants, equipment suppliers, and calibration laboratories took part in the seminar. The seminar provided a platform for industry partners, academia and regulatory authority in the field of building energy efficiency to exchange promote important information and ideas on issues relating to reliable measurement and verification of chilled water systems.

Reliable Measurements for Energy
Dr Lim Ee Meng, Director of Industry Development of NMC, welcomed participants to the seminar
Reliable Measurements for Energy 2
Partners' exhibition showcasing measurement technologies for energy efficiency was also held in conjunction with the seminar