World Metrology Day 2017

Commemorating World Metrology Day 2017

As citizens around the world commute and travel every day, a safe and reliable transport is of extreme importance and also a critical factor in creating an enabling environment for a successful modern society.

On 19 May, the National Metrology Centre (NMC) and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) jointly organised a conference to celebrate the occasion under the theme, ‘Measurements for Transport’.

The World Metrology Day marks the founding of the Metre Convention by seventeen nations on 20 May 1875. The Convention sets the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and the uniformity of measurement in commercial and industrial applications.

Keynote speaker, Mr Wouter Geerdes from Shell, started off the session with his presentation on the future energy outlook, the role of LNG in Marine, and the link between LNG and Metrology. Invited speakers and thought leaders from Emerson, IBM, and VSL (Dutch Metrology Institute) further spoke on how measurement sciences and their applications can meet the evolving needs of the transport industry, including liquefied natural gas (LNG) metrology, custody transfer measurement technology, and measurements for smart mobility and transport. 

Keynote Speaker - Mr Wouter Geerdes

Keynote speaker, Mr Wouter Geerdes from SHELL speaking on
 ‘Fuelling the Future – Measurement Challenges & Opportunities’

The afternoon session saw an in-depth Industrial Engagement Session with the industry players, focusing on measurement challenges and opportunities in LNG custody transfer and smart mobility for land transport, as well as measurement standards under technical reference TR48 on bunker mass flow metering. 

 Interactive Ind engagement session
Dr. Laura Wynter of IBM (first from left) and team of panellists leading an interactive industrial engagement session

The event attracted more than 180 participants from the electronics, marine, oil and gas industries; calibration and testing laboratories; research organisations and government agencies.