Research Spotlight

Building Industry's Force Measurement Capability

NMC collaborated with Malayan Daching to set up Singapore’s first 20 Mega-Newton force measurement facility.

Many industry sectors, such as transportation, construction, aerospace, oil & gas, marine and offshore, chemicals and heavy engineering, rely on accurate force measurements to ensure design feasibility, products compatibility, safety, quality assurance, cost savings and enhanced competitiveness. One key device critical to force measurements is the force transducers, or otherwise known as load cells.

Over the years, NMC has provided its metrological expertise to the industry, enabling enterprises to upgrade their metrological capabilities to raise quality, gain customers’ acceptance and expand their business. More recently, NMC collaborated with Malayan Daching (MDC), a local small and medium enterprise, to set up Singapore’s first 20 Mega-Newton (MN) force measurement facility. The new facility is capable of calibrating force transducers up to 20 MN locally, reducing both cost and time for MDC’s customers, as compared to having to send their equipment overseas for calibration. NMC worked with MDC’s engineers on the design and technical requirements, set up the measurement system, established its performance, and trained MDC’s staff on the calibration of force transducers. With NMC’s help, MDC successfully gained accreditation under Singapore Accreditation Council – Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) in the provision the calibration service.

SG's first 20-MN force cal facility

Singapore's first 20-MN force calibration facility set up at Malayan Daching

As the national measurement institute of Singapore, NMC uses its measurement standards and measurement expertise to work with more organisations and laboratories to upgrade, extend and establish their measurement capabilities.

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