SIgN is a proud host to 30 PhD students, 76 post-doctoral researchers and numerous research support staff under the direction of 20 Principal Investigators. Since its opening SIgN has nurtured and trained 29 returning A*STAR scholars, 60 post-graduate PhD students and 303 internship students. 

Researchers at all academic levels can expect a motivating and exciting research environment at SIgN, with access to world-class facilities and technologies as well as collaboration, teaching and guidance from some of the world’s leading researchers in the field of Immunology. In addition, SIgN organizes scientific training retreats for all staff, to promote skill development in the workforce, strengthen staff interactions and foster team-building. 

SIgN is continually recruiting bright and motivated students onto various PhD and post-doctoral fellowship programs, and various funding opportunities supported by the A*STAR Graduate Academy (AGA) are available to support both local and international applicants.