Workplace Commitments at SIgN

Workplace Safety

Our priority at SIgN is to provide employees, students, contractors and visitors with a healthy and safe working environment. SIgN strives to fully integrate health and safety into all aspects of its activities, through a process of continual improvement. Further, SIgN endeavours to serve the community as a concerned neighbour and as such, refrains from any activities that could jeopardize the health, safety or environment of the community.

Our activities and efforts:

  • Comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental (HSE) legislations and other requirements
  • Continually observe, anticipate, identify and eliminate health and safety hazards in the workplace and continually review and reduce the risk
  • Ensure that our staff, students and collaborators take personal responsibility to prevent injury to themselves and their colleagues
  • Instill and promote health, safety and environment awareness and competencies by conducting regular trainings and communications with all relevant parties to prevent incidents and injuries
  • Provide adequate and appropriate resources to facilitate safe work conducted within the Institute

Please click here for SIgN's HSE Policy.
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Environmental Sustainability

SIgN is committed to providing all staff, partners and stakeholders with a green and clean environment in which to work. SIgN aims to minimize environmental impacts by incorporating environmental protection practices into work activities and operations, and to protect the environment through its (environmental) management system. .

Our activities and efforts include:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. and meet or exceed good environmental practices
  • Communicate and ensure that our staff, students and collaborators take personal responsibility to practice ‘Eliminate, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ and adopt eco-friendly strategies to conserve resources
  • Cooperate with external stakeholders (including research partners, contractors, suppliers and other agencies) to ensure that work activities take account of any environmental impacts
  • Continually monitor and assess environmental impacts on a regular basis and seek to enhance the environmental management system to avoid (environmental) risks and hazards
  • Provide adequate and appropriate resources to facilitate best environmental practices within the Institute

SIgN is the second research institute within A*STAR to receive the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark (Gold) Award for laboratories in September 2017 (valid for 5 years).
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Click here for SIgN's Environmental Policy.
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