A*CRC Pilot Programme on MATLAB Parallel Server

(End Date: 31 Mar 2023)

This pilot is an arrangement between A*CRC and MathWorks to allow A*STAR users to run workloads using MATLAB Parallel Server on
A*CRC computing resources.

The programme will enable users to run MATLAB parallel workloads at larger scale using computational resources available at A*CRC.

  • The initial rollout uses A*CRC's Corona cluster to run MATLAB Parallel Server jobs.

  • Support for Stratus cluster is forthcoming.

  • MATLAB R2017a, R2020a, R2020b and R2021a are currently supported.

    Older versions can be installed on request.


Users must already have access to MATLAB, Parallel Computing Toolbox and other required MathWorks products.
users may request a trial license for evaluation purposes.

Getting Started

Please register for an A*CRC account, selecting HPC to register for A*CRC HPC resources.

Once registered, please login to A*CRC Service Management portal.

Further information on setting up MATLAB Parallel Server can be found in the FAQ article "A*CRC Pilot Programme for MATLAB Parallel Server" under "HPC Software" in the FAQ tab within A*CRC Service Management portal.

Additional Resources

Announcements, seminar sessions and workshop slides can be found via A*CONNECT group page.
You can click on Join Group on the top right to receive feed updates.