A*CRC expert staff provide support and assistance in matters such as creating a new user account, familiarizing users with services, selecting the most suitable hardware, job submission and scheduling, code porting, development, parallelisation and optimisation.

For general enquiries contact the A*CRC Service Desk by email or call the A*CRC hotline at (65) 6419-1496.

The recommended method for contacting us about problems or failures is by logging them directly through the fault reporting system.

Requesting an account

To obtain an account on an A*CRC machine apply online. Proceed to the Request Forms page.

Accessing A*CRC machines

Access to A*CRC system resources is described in detail on the Access Information page.

File systems and file management

Information on:
  • $HOME, $DATA and /scratch working directory,
  • Backup,
  • Archiving; and
  • File transfer using WinSCP and sFTP
is presented on the File Systems and File Management page.

Software and Code development

For information on software available on the A*CRC systems, including:
  • In-house, A*STAR developed software
  • Licensed software
  • Open Source software
  • Mathematical Libraries
  • Parallelization Tools
  • Schedulers
the user is advised to visit the Software page. 

The Code development page describes software, utilities and tools such as:
  • File Editors
  • Compilers
  • Debugging Tools
  • Computing Tools
  • MPI and OpenMP.

Running Jobs

Information on:
  • Schedulers
  • Interactive jobs
  • Batch jobs
  • Job Limits
  • Machine Status
  • Ganglia
  • Fusion Cloud
  • Tuning and Optimization
  • Shells and Scripting
  • Storage, backup and purge
  • Visualisation
  • Fault Reporting
  • User Login – Online
is contained on the Running Jobs page.

A*CRC User Tools

A*CRC has created or made available several useful tools for common tasks such as requesting a new account, machines status and job queues status, job submission portal and file system storage usage analysis and profiling tool. The tools are accessible directly from several access points at A*CRC website, and the full listing is given on the A*CRC User Tools page.


Enquires, comments, feedback, suggestions and questions from users of the A*CRC systems, and visitors to this website, are welcome. Please use the Feedback & Enquiry Form.