Scientific Storage Resources

A*CRC Enterprise Storage (ACES)


A*CRC’s Enterprise Storage (ACES) offers our A*STAR users a scalable and powerful platform that is tailored to store their scientific research related data.

The usage is restricted to all authorized users of A*STAR and their external collaborators who has been granted access to ACRC resources in research projects. Any other usage (either internal or external) is granted on a case by case basis.


To safe guard valuable user’s scientific research data, our ACES come with data protection and data security features that prevent data lost, stolen or leakage due to hardware failure, software issue, user mistake and hacker’s act.


Benefits of using A*CRC’s Enterprise Storage (ACES) include:

  • Ability to share data seamlessly across research institutes, such as exchange of large research data sets, image files and video feeds.

  • Auto tiering of cold data based on predefined policies or equivalent

  • Ability to monitor performance of the storage system and generate performance report

  • Storage Utilisation Reporting Capability

  • Enhance data protection feature

  • Support NFS, SMB and Object protocols

  • Backup/DR(Disaster Recovery) subject to availability and approval