Acting Deputy Director, (HPC Software and Application Support), A*CRC


  • Manage the HPC Application and Research Support Team
  • Manage the experimental HPC facilities and a HPC Project Room
  • Installing and maintaining the application software in A*CRC facilities
  • Optimization and performance tuning of scientific and technical users’ codes on parallel architectures and specialized hardware
  • Help users to utilize A*CRC HPC facilities effectively and efficiently
  • Establish and maintain good relation with users, understand their HPC needs from A*CRC, and solve the problem for them.
  • Design and deliver HPC related trainings to scientists and engineers
  • Provide suggestions and consultations to users in choosing suitable computational model and resources
  • Assist developers and sub-contractor to develop SC@FT (Supercomputing at your Fingertips)


  • Master/ PhD in Material Sciences, Physics, Mathematics or Computer Sciences or relevant field with 5 years post qualifications experience in HPC or supercomputing related industries.
  • Good understanding in
    • Intel Compilers Suite and GNU compilers;
    • Performance libraries, e.g. MKL, ATLAS, BLIS, FFTW etc.; and
    • Debugging and profiling tools.
  • Familiar with different parallel program models, including MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA or OpenACC
  • Strong scientific programming Language skills in C, C++ and Fortran
  • Strong knowledge and interest in modern computer architectures, high performance computing, and scientific programming models
  • Good at shell scripting in BASH or C and Python
  • Good experience in using job schedulers
  • Familiar with scientific and industrial research environment and ecosystem
  • Knowledge in OpenStack, Docker and Singularity technologies
  • Able to transform knowledge and skills in to lectures, and deliver the lecture to audiences with different scientific or engineering backgrounds
  • Good management skill with demonstrated experience in project management
  • Good team player and ability to work with people
  • Good communication skills and able to communicate with scientists and engineers with different domain knowledge
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