Access Information

Access Prerequisites

Users can access the A*CRC system resources if the following prerequisites are satisfied: 

From within A*STAR Network
From outside Networks
Valid account on the A*CRC system(s)
Signed legal compliance agreement
Network connectivity from local system to A*CRC
SSH protocol software installed on your local machine.
For A*STAR Staffs and Students, you will need an account on A*STAR Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Available Resources

A*CRC has a variety of hardware, storage and software resources available to A*STAR HPC users. A*CRC experts can advise on the right match of resources to be made available for each user’s particular computing needs. More information is to be found on the Computing Resources page.

Access Policies

All A*CRC account holders and users must strictly observe the existing A*CRC Usage Policy and any rulings and policies as may be instituted by A*STAR or IDA. By signing the Account Request Form the user agrees to abide by the A*CRC Usage Policy. This is a pre-requisite before obtaining a user account and access to A*CRC resources.

Login Shells

The A*CRC Linux systems have bash default shell, the AIX systems provide ksh (Korn) default shell.

Access Methods

Using SSH

Direct login to the A*CRC systems from within A*STAR network can only be executed using Secure Shell protocol (SSH). SSH includes scp and SFTP for file transfers between hosts.

The X Window System (also known as X11, X or X-Windows) is a computer software system and network protocol that provides a basis for graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and rich input device capability for networked computers. It is a requirement for most graphical UNIX and Linux applications.
File Transfer
Mac OS
ssh, scp, sftp
Putty SSH Client, MobaXterm

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Remote Access

For A*STAR users, you will need an account on your Institute's Virtual Private Network (VPN). 
For Non-A*STAR users, you will need an account on A*CRC's Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN). 

Once you logged in to VPN you need to use ssh or putty.

Machine Login Names

All host machines have login names identical to their main system name.

To access them use the host name followed by the domain address:

For example to access stratus use: ssh [user_name]@[host_name]

Currently the existing systems are: