Health and Medical Technologies

Medtech is an important growth sector for Singapore, against the global backdrop of an ageing population, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, and rising health-care costs. Asia, with its growing economy and population, represents a major untapped market for Medtech companies. Rapid advances in medical knowledge and technologies also open up huge opportunities for future innovations that transform healthcare.

The Health & MedTech Horizontal Technology Coordinating Office (HMT HTCO) aims to meet the innovation needs of Medtech companies by coordinating the expertise and capabilities in medical and health technology across A*STAR. The centre focuses in research areas of data analytics, AI, materials science, design and manufacturing, diagnostic development, and bioinformatics.

Our R&D and Technologies

The HMT HTCO comprises A*STAR research institutes and groups with capabilities in diverse fields such as the following:

  • Digital health technologies, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and bioinformatics
  • Design and fabrication of medical devices and biomaterials
  • Prototyping and productisation of medical technologies
  • Development of diagnostic devices and assays

A*STAR Medtech Spinoffs

Advent Access
Credit: Advent Access

Advent access
A*STAR's start-up Advent Access poised for global markets with Medtech solution for kidney-failure patients


Medtech MiRXES
Credit: MiRXES

A*STAR’s start-up MiRXES brings early-stage stomach cancer test to market


Medtech Vitreogel Innovations

Vitereogel Innovations
A*STAR’s start-up Vitreogel Innovations develops novel thermogel to treat eye disorders


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