NMC awarded Green Mark Platinum Award (Laboratories) by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

NMC Laboratories BCA Green Mark Platinum Certified

The BCA Green Mark Platinum award recognises exemplary green projects that effectively demonstrate energy and water savings, as well as environmentally sustainable building practices such as waste management.

NMC has implemented numerous innovations in the set-up of our new premises in CleanTech 3. Amongst that is the choice of the fume hood used our laboratories. To improve energy efficiency, NMC's laboratories were fitted with Variable Air Volume (VAV) fume hoods to reduce unnecessary airflow associated with conventional Constant Air Volume fume hood types. This leads to a reduction in energy consumption (estimated to be equivalent to the daily energy consumption of 3.5 households) due to the large volume of air moving through its ventilation system by the fume hood.

With sustainability in mind, the eco-friendly design of our new premises serves to contribute to the much-needed effort to reduce global warming.

Interested to know more about what else NMC is doing in the area of Sustainability? Come discuss further on our various initiatives in Metrology in Sustainability, where through collaboration, we can design and build a greener, more sustainable future together.