IACUC Functions

The National Advisory Committee for Laboratory Animal Research (NACLAR) Guidelines describes the operational aspects pertaining to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), which is responsible for the oversight and evaluation of animal care and use programs of an institution, and for ensuring that the care and use of animals for scientific purposes and experimental procedures are in compliance with the Guidelines.

A*STAR has established its IACUC to oversee and evaluate the animal care and use programs in A*STAR animal facilities and to ensure all research activities complying with the NACLAR Guidelines. A*STAR animal facility has been an AAALAC-accredited institution since 2009 signifying our commitment to responsible animal care and use.

The main functions of A*STAR IACUC include:

  • Review, advise and approve animal experimental protocols carried out at A*STAR animal facilities.
  • Conducting semi-annual review of the animal care of use program for scientific purpose in A*STAR.
  • Inspecting animal housing and research facilities in A*STAR institutes.
  • Monitoring for compliance of approved IACUC protocols.
  • Investigating any concerns on the care and use of laboratory animals in A*STAR facilities.
  • Conduct yearly review of approved IACUC protocols