Husbandry Practices

Animals in BRC are housed in SPF conditions. Rodents are housed in individually ventilated cages with their temperature and humidity maintained within a narrow range and regularly monitored. All items brought into the facility are sterilized and critical parameters affecting the animal health and welfare are regularly monitored.

Being pillars of an animal facility, members of BRC’s Operations team are rigorously trained and thus are highly skilled in husbandry practices. Many members of the team are also highly qualified, having attained advanced certification in laboratory animal sciences such as the ALAT, LAT and LATG, offered by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).

Users can focus on their lab work knowing that their animals are in good capable hands.

For work on large animals, please contact BRC at ( BRC will be able to connect you with our relevant partners.

Service - Animal Procedures

Having been formally trained and involved in multiple projects, BRC’s Operations staff are very experienced and skilled in multiple animal-related scientific techniques. They work closely with the in-house veterinary surgeons. Thus BRC can carry out techniques of varying complexity, from simple intraperitoneal injections to establishing patient-derived xenografts (PDX) in the mice.

Again, this allows the users more time to focus their lab work while BRC can carry out a vital portion of their animal work for them!

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Procedural Space

Procedure rooms in BRC are well-equipped with a wide range of scientific equipment ranging from simple light microscopes to sophisticated imaging systems available to users via online booking.

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