Animal Health and Welfare

Veterinary Care

Our veterinary team is dedicated to ensuring quality veterinary care is provided for all animals housed in BRC and principles in the NACLAR Guidelines are followed.   

Health status

BRC is a Specified Pathogen Free (SPF) animal facility and follows a comprehensive animal health monitoring program that exceeds FELASA guidelines.

Environmental Enrichment

BRC places strong emphasis on ensuring that animals are housed in an environment with social housing, enrichment materials and specially designed enrichment programs for long-lived species.

Veterinary Services



Basic and Advanced General Surgery and Micro-surgery expertise and assistance are available. 


Drug request for experiments

If you are performing experimental animal procedures or post-operative care, BRC veterinarians can assist in preparing pharmaceutical-grade drugs such as anaesthetics, paralytics, antibiotics, analgesics. Please submit your requests at least three days in advance!


BRC provides anaesthesia support and monitoring for a wide range of laboratory animal species. We are equipped with anaesthetic machines and injectable anaesthetic agents to cater to your research needs.


Imaging services

Basic and clinical research can be enhanced by various imaging modalities. To help you achieve your research goals, BRC provides imaging services such as IVIS, X-ray and Ultrasound.

These services are available to support your research studies be it in bone regeneration, cancer, infectious studies (i.e. Zika virus and malaria), cardiovascular diseases and more.


Biochemistry & CBC

Complete blood profile is an essential tool to evaluate animal health status and validate your research. BRC can assist you with its in-house blood analyzers that yield reliable results in real-time. Our blood chemistry analyzer uses a dry-slide technology which can test 26 parameters and our hematology analyzer uses impedance technology which can test 17 parameters.

Advice on animal models

Veterinary advice on suitable animal models is available. Holistic consultation on the optimization of the animal model to your study by experienced Veterinarians.


Polyclonal Antibody Production

Making antibodies starts with immunization! With a team of experienced staff who can perform immunization using your formulated antigen, BRC also offers rabbit polyclonal antibody production services to the scientific community.