Animal Welfare Concerns & Post Approval Monitoring

Reporting an Animal Welfare Concern

  • Anyone can report any concern regarding animal use and/or care to BRC Staff, IACUC Secretariat, IACUC Members, or directly to the Institutional Official.
  • On receiving the concern, an investigation will be carried out. The findings will be reported to the IACUC, which will review the findings and deliberate on what actions to be taken.
  • Listed are common contacts to report an animal welfare concern.

Contact Details for Reporting of Animal Welfare Concern

IACUC Office: Veterinary Services:

Post Approval Monitoring (Compliance)

Amendment to Existing Protocols

As required by the NACLAR Guidelines, PI must not begin animal experiments beofre a written IACUC approval is obtained. The animal experiments must adhere to the approved protocols. Any modifications to the approved protocol must be submitted as an amendment to IACUC for approval before changes can be made.Performing any unapproved procedures without IACUC approval is considered as Non- Compliance.

Non- Compliance Demerit Points

On receiving a concern, an investigation will be carried out by the IACUC Compliance Officer.The findings will be reported to the IACUC. Any unapproved experimental procedures must be stopped immediately until an official approval is issued. PI will receive certain amount of Non-Compliance Demerit points based on severity of the non- compliance.The demerit points are cumulative over the entire duration of each IACUC protocol.

Demerit Points System

10 Points: Face-to-face meeting between PI and IACUC representatives. 
15 Points: Face-to-face meeting between PI and IACUC representatives with a serious warning of possible suspension of the IACUC protocol.
20 Points: Suspension of the IACUC protocol upon approval by more than 50% of the quorum in the IACUC meeting. PI is required to submit clarifications and correction procedure to the IO & IACUC Chairperson.