Getting Started

1. What do I need to do to start work in BRC?
Answer: Due to regulatory purposes, you will need to fulfil 3 steps prior to starting work in BRC. 1) Firstly, all users working with animals need to have their RCULAC animal handling training completed. 2) All animal procedures will require an approved IACUC protocol prior to starting work. 3) All users working with animals will need to attend the BRC Safety Induction course.

2. Can I tour the facility?
Facility visits are by appointment only. Please contact us for further details.

3. How long does it take before I start work in BRC?
Below is the estimated timeline.

Training & RCULAC

1. Who will need to attend the RCULAC Course?
Answer: All users who want to work with animals in BRC will have to attend the RCULAC Course.

2. What does RCULAC course comprises of?
Answer: There are 2 parts to RCULAC course. 1) Theory component – which can be done online 2) Practical component – the course is tailored for specific species.

3. How long is the course?
Answer: The practical component is usually half a day long.

4. Are there other training courses?
Answer: We do conduct other training courses such as Aseptic Surgical handling course and other customized animal related courses. These customized courses are tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us to find out more. (RCULAC@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

Safety Induction Course

1. How long is the course?
Answer: The course will last about half a day and will include an orientation of the facility.

2. How do I sign up for the course? Answer
: After your IACUC protocol has been approved, fill up the Access Requisition Form attached in the approval email and send it to BRC Safety Office to sign up for the course. (safety@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

Animal Husbandry Services

1. What species can BRC house?
Answer: BRC house all commonly used laboratory animal species. We house primarily rodents.

2. Do you accept users who are non - A*STAR users?
Answer: We have users both in A*STAR and non A*STAR users. All are welcomed to enquiry with us to find out more.

3. Is BRC an accredited facility?
Answer: Yes, we are proud to be accredited by Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC), BizSafe 3 and licensed by the Singapore government. We seek to continuously uphold high standards for care of laboratory animals and animal welfare. Your research is our priority.

4. How will I be charged?
We have pay as per use policy. You can either rent as per cage used for that week or you can rent the entire room. Speak to us to find out more information.

5. What services do you provide?
Answer: BRC have well trained and competent staff who will be able to conduct specific animal procedures for you. All common animal procedures can be performed by BRC. Speak to us to find out more details (enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

Procedural Space

1. How can I use the procedure room in BRC?
Answer: Our procedure rooms can be used after booking the rooms online. For new users, an account will have to be set up prior to booking of the rooms. Contact us for more details on how to set up an account. (admin@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

2. Do I have to pay to use the procedure rooms?
Answer: There is a small fee incurred for use of the procedure rooms. This is mainly for the consumables that are provided in the procedure rooms.

3. What are provided for use in the procedure rooms?
Answer: All rooms have some general consumables available for all users. (Syringes, needles, gauze, 70% ethanol, falcon tubes). Different rooms have a list of different equipment. For more information, please contact us at (enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

Book a Resource

1. What equipment can I book?
Answer: BRC has equipment and rooms available for all users to book before use.
a) Animal Procedure Rooms
b) Isoflurane Machines
c) IVIS Imaging Machines
d) Gamma & X Ray Irradiator Machines

2. Why do I have to book before I use?
Answer: In order to secure the equipment or room and not disrupt your research schedule, you are highly advised to book in advance before using the equipment.

3. Will I be charged for booking equipment?
Answer: There will be a fee for booking rooms and equipment. For details of the fees please contact us at enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg

4. Can I cancel my booking?
Answer: If your cancellation is 72 hours prior to the usage of the booking, you can cancel your booking without any fees. If you intend to cancel is within 72 hours of the booked timeslot, cancellation is subjected to management approval. Please contact us with the details of your booking at admin@brc.a-star.edu.sg BRC will reserve the right not to cancel your booking.

5. How far in advance can I book the equipment?
Answer: You can book the equipment as far in advance as you prefer.

IVIS Imaging Machine

1. What IVIS imaging machine does BRC has?
BRC has Perkin Elmer’s IVIS Spectrum Imaging machine in D2 and ABSL2 suite in D3. The machine combines 2D optical and 3D optical tomography in one platform. Our machine allows both bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging across blue to near infrared wavelength regions. It is useful for non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking and gene expression patterns.

2. There are 2 IVIS machines in BRC. Which should I book?
Our IVIS machines are in D2 and ABSL2 suite in D3. Please book the machine where your animals are housed. Your IACUC protocol will specify where you can house your animals and do the IVIS imaging scans.

3. I have not used the IVIS before. Can I get some training?
The summarized user guide is available for all users. BRC does not provide training on the use of the IVIS machine. If you need a more comprehensive training, we are able to recommend training sessions by Perkin Elmer. Please contact us to obtain a copy of the user guide (enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg)


1. How do I book the irradiation machine?
Answer: You can book it through our website.

2. What are the types of machine you use?
Answer: We have both X-ray and Gamma Irradiators.

3. How do I find out more information about the irradiation services BRC provides?
Answer: You can email BRC at enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg

4. How do I pass samples to be irradiated and how do I pick them up?
Answer: Our staff will meet you at a designated location to collect and pass back the samples. Please contact us to find out more.

5. How long should I book the machine?
Answer: It would depend on the dosage. Estimated dosage would be ~1Gy per minute. For more exact specification, please contact us.

Veterinary Services

1. Animal Health and Welfare: - What should I do if I noticed that my animal is sick or is showing abnormal behaviour?
Answer: You may write a sick form and place on a vet check tray at respective departments or if urgent, please look for any BRC staff or call vet mobile/ send email to BRC Vet Generic email: Veterinary & Surgery@brc.a-star.edu.sg

2. What situations are considered emergency that needs veterinary attention?
Answer: The following are the common situations that needs veterinary attention. In case of doubt, we advise you to contact the vets through the emergency mobile numbers.
- Animals in pain
- Difficulty in giving birth
- Excessive bleeding
- Laboured breathing/ panting
- Moribund animals

For non-emergency cases, you can drop an email to Veterinary@brc.a-star.edu.sg and you can expect a response on the next working day. For emergency cases, you can contact the following Vet Emergency mobile numbers:
- Department 2 (65) 96554724
- Department 3 (65) 98634338

3. What are the drugs available in BRC? How should I order drug/s for my procedures?
Answer: Anaesthetics, analgesics and antibiotics If you require other drugs, we can either write a prescription or assist you with purchase. For usual BRC drugs, please send your requests to BRC Vet Generic email: Veterinary@brc.a-star.edu.sg using the drug request template at least 3 days in advance.

4. Who must I contact if I have queries on specific procedures or if want to request for ad hoc training?
For ad hoc training/ procedures, please contact BRC Vet Generic email: Veterinary@brc.a-star.edu.sg.

5. How can I reach the vet during weekends and after office hours?
Answer: For non-emergency cases, you can drop an email to Veterinary@brc.a-star.edu.sg and you can expect a response on the next working day. For emergency cases, you can contact the following Vet Emergency mobile numbers:
- Department 2 (65) 96554724
- Department 3 (65) 98634338

6. Do BRC Vets offer consultation?
Answer: Vets offer consultation with regards to animal welfare, animal procedures, and the use of animal models. You can drop a message relating to these on the Vet generic email (Veterinary@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

Animal Gene Editing

1. Does AGEL carry out services other than those listed?
Answer: Yes. In addition to the services listed here, AGEL has some platform and resources for more specialized projects, for example, a TALEN assembly platform supporting high throughput assembly of TALEN plasmids, and existing animal models for in vivo gene editing, cell reprogramming and tissue/cell type ablation etc. You may contact AGEL for enquiry if you are interested in any of these models.

2. Beside fee-for-service projects, does AGEL carry out collaboration projects?
Answer: Yes, in addition to fee-for-service projects, AGEL is willing to lend our supports with our expertise in animal gene editing by collaborating with academics and industrials in developing projects/products with high potential.

3. Does AGEL hold any intellectual property for animal models generated under fee-for-service?
Answer: No, AGEL does not hold any intellectual property whatsoever for animal models and its derivatives generated under fee-for service.

Preclinical/Pharmaceutical Services

1. What types of preclinical services do BRC offer?
Answer: We are able to complete the entire service from study design, conduct of study to generating a report. However, we do not analyse the results. Customers are also able to have BRC conduct the study and animal procedures. You can pick and choose the relevant services. Contact us to find out more. (enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

2. Is it a GLP certified service?
Answer: We are not GLP certified. However, we perform animal procedures and studies to high standards.

3. Will I have access to necropsy and histopathology services?
Answer: BRC works closely with AMPL, A*STAR in-housed GLP certified Veterinary Histopathology laboratory. Necropsy and histopathology services can be provided.

4. Does BRC has experience conducting PDX and PK studies?
Answer: Yes, our trained staff have experience in these studies. Contact us to find out more. (enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg)

5. How do I obtain a quotation for the services?
Answer: As different projects/studies are catered specifically to your requirements; we will have to speak to you to find out more details about your requirements before providing a quotation. To set up an appointment with us, please contact us at the following email address. (enquiry@brc.a-star.edu.sg)