Responsiblities & Accountabilities for Approved Protocols

Amendments to Existing Protocols

PI is responsible to ensure that all the animal experiments strictly follow the approved procedures. In course of an ongoing project, any modifications to the approved protocols has to be submitted to IACUC for approval using the respective Amendment Application Forms listed below.  

  • Amendment Part 1 Animal Species
  • Amendment Part 2 Animal Numbers & Strains
  • Amendment Part 3 Procedure
  • Amendment Part 4 Surgical Procedure
  • Amendment Part 5 Personnel
  • Amendment Part 6 Animal Use Location & Other Change
Please be reminded that an official approval letter from IACUC Office is required before commencing the amended procedure.

Annual Report & Long Term Survey Form

As required by the NACLAR Guidelines, PI of an approved protocol must submit an Annual Report for the existing protocol, which mainly contains information on the number of animal being used during the year. The Annual Report Form is usually sent out by IACUC Office at the end of November or beginning of December and is expected to be returned by the PI within a week or two.

Failure to submit the Annual Report or Long Term Survey Form before deadline may result in temporary suspension of the affected Protocols.

Renewal Applications for Existing Protocols

Protocols are approved for a maximum of 3 years. Should the project still be on-going, please submit a renewal application at least 3 months before your protocol expires. A new application form to be filled in as all renewals are reviewed as new applications and will go through a full committee review.


  • In Paragraph 9 Rationale, justification for the renewal is required and summarize the findings from the past 3 years.
  • If you have any amendments for the past 3 years, please include them as well if they are still valid.
  • Do submit the relevant supporting documents (if any) for the protocol. An updated risk assessment and GMAC(if any) is required as these are usually valid for 3 years.

Completion of Projects 

Upon completion or termination of a project, PI must complete and submit the Notification Form to IACUC Office.