Laboratory Animals or Biologics

Procurement of laboratory animals or biologics (cryopreserved embryos and sperms) that are to be housed in Biological Resource Centre (BRC) must be approved by BRC. All biologics imported by BRC will be stored /rederived by BRC only.

The respective forms are to be completed before any laboratory animals could be purchased or transferred from or to any of the sources:

  1. Overseas Animal Requisition Form (Importation of Laboratory Animals from overseas vendors)
  2. Inbound Animal Transfer Form; Overseas Frozen Embryos/Sperms Requisition Form or Outbound Animal Transfer Form (Transfer to or from an overseas institution)

Procedures for procuring animals/cryopreserved embryos/sperms:

Before any work begins, the Principal Investigator (PI) MUST have an approved Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol.

  1. All animals to be housed in BRC must be requisite through BRC. Users are not allowed to import, purchase or obtain animals from institutes, commercial companies or any other sources on their own.
  2. Laboratory Animals imported into BRC must meet the minimum health status as prescribed by BRC. The health reports provided by the exporting facility will be reviewed by BRC’s Veterinarian prior to shipment. BRC will advise the requestor accordingly after Veterinarian’s assessment.
  3. If the laboratory animals/biologics to be imported are genetically modified (KO,KI,Tg), an approved “Proposal Form for Assessment of Genetic Manipulation Work” is required. This form is to be reviewed by the respective Research Institute’s (RI) Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and approved (signed) by its chairman.  
    The approved proposal form is to be submitted to BRC before the animals can be imported.
  4. All import/export related charges are to be borne by the requesting PI.  
    If the order is canceled, BRC administrative fee is still chargeable