2023 IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation Outstanding Paper Award

(From left to right) Dr Tan Puay Siew; Dr Abhishek Gupta; Dr Kavitesh Kumar Bali; Prof Ong Yew Soon

A scientific paper jointly authored by researchers co-affiliated to A*STAR and SCSE, NTU has been bestowed the prestigious 2023 IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (TEVC) Outstanding Paper Award. Their article “Multifactorial Evolutionary Algorithm with Online Transfer Parameter Estimation: MFEA-II” was recognised by the IEEE Computationally Intelligence Society as the most outstanding paper published in the IEEE TEVC journal in the year 2020.

With an impact factor of 16.497, IEEE TEVC is considered the top journal of the field of evolutionary computation and is among the premier journals of Computer Science Theory and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The authors are Dr Kavitesh Kumar Bali (A*STAR graduate research scholar), Prof Ong Yew Soon (Chief AI Scientist of A*STAR and President’s Chair Professor at SCSE), Dr Abhishek Gupta (SIMTech Scientist and Adjunct Member of CFAR, A*STAR), and Dr Tan Puay Siew (Research Division Director at SIMTech). Their work is the first to establish a theoretical foundation for evolutionary multitasking – a novel idea turning in silico evolutionary algorithms (EAs) into effective multitask optimisers, mimicking nature’s ability to produce diverse species with differently skilled organisms in only a single algorithmic pass. Their article thus marks an important step forward in strengthening our understanding of an emerging subfield of evolutionary computation research. The theory exploits unique characteristics of EAs, opening unprecedented opportunities for data- and compute-efficient optimisation search in areas including, but not limited to, out-of-the-box scientific and engineering design generation, real-time manufacturing systems planning, auto configuration of AI and machine learning pipelines, to name just a few. 

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