CFAR Distinguished Professor Lecture Series
SpeakerAffiliationTitle DateDetails
Professor Sven DickinsonUniversity of Toronto, SamsungThe Role of Symmetry in Human and Computer Vision 03 Mar 2022Read more 
Professor Masashi SugiyamaUniversity of  Tokyo, RIKENFrom Fundamental Machine Learning to Data-Driven Science and AI in Society: Research at RIKEN-AI09 Mar 2022 Read more
Professor Yeung Sai-Kit The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Computer Vision and Graphics for 
Real-World Challenges 
30 May 2022 Read more 
Professor Cai JianfeiMonash UniversityTowards Green AI: Efficient Transformers for Visual Recognition23 Jun 2022Read more
Professor Wong Weng KeeUCLA Fielding School of Public Health, USAMetaheuristics for Designing Efficient Experiments for Complex Biomedical Studies21 Jul 2022Read more
Professor Kim Sang-GookMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAI for Design and Manufacturing toward Digital Transformation22 Aug 2022Read more
Professor Ajay KumarThe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityOpen Challenges in Detecting Sophisticated and Photorealistic Deep Fake Images9 Sep 2022Read more
Dr Yang GuangImperial College LondonGAN, GAN Beyond: From Medical Imaging Reconstruction to Synthesis20 Sep 2022Read more
Professor Carlos Artemio Coello Coello Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute Where is the Research on Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimisation Heading to?4 Oct 2022Read more
Prof Peter McMahonCornell UniversityComputing with Physical Systems21 Oct 2022Read more 
Prof Abhinav Dhall Monash UniversityMultimodal Deepfakes Detection

22 Nov 2022Read more
Prof Michael WooldridgeUniversity of OxfordThe Large Agent Collider: Towards Robust Agent-based Modelling at Scale

6 Dec 2022Read more 
Prof Dipankar DasguptaThe University of Memphis

Adversarial Machine Learning and Defense Strategies8 Dec 2022Read more
Prof James KwokHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyLearning from Many Tasks in Meta-learning6 Jan 2023Read more
Prof Cao LongbingUniversity of Technology SydneyLearning Non-IIDness: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly16 Jan 2023Read more 
Dr Yeung Sai-KitHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyComputer Vision and Graphics for Marine Challenges31 Jan 2023Read more
Prof Liu BingUniversity of Illinois Chicago

Unifying Continual Learning and OOD Detection 21 Feb 2023Read more
Prof Finale Doshi-VelezHarvard UniversityTrustworthy Machine Learning (ML) for Healthcare

28 Feb 2023 Read more
Prof Wang ZhengWuhan UniversitySee What You Hide and Hide What You See25 Apr 2023Read more
Prof Cao LongbingUniversity of Technology SydneySmart FinTech: AI and Data Science for Finance 17 May 2023Read more
Prof Robby T. TanNational University of SingaporeNight Images: Challenges and Solutions from the Perspective of Visibility Enhancement and Object Detection7 Jun 2023Read more
Dr Song LeBioMap and Mohamed bin Zayed University of AI (MBZUAI)A Family of Pretrained AI Models for Target Discovery and Drug Design4 Aug 2023Read more 

CFAR Rising Star Lecture Series
SpeakerAffiliationTitleDate Details
Dr Zelda MarietGoogleEnsembling over Classifiers: a Bias-Variance Perspective24 Mar 2022 Read more 
Dr Tay YiGoogle ResearchExT5: Towards Extreme Multi-Task Scaling for Transfer Learning31 Mar 2022Read more
Dr Li JunnanSalesforce ResearchRepresentation Learning Without Human Annotation 

04 Apr 2022Read more
Dr Bryan Wilder Harvard UniversityAI for Public Health28 Apr 2022 Read more 
Professor Sungsoo Ahn 

Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning for Drug Discovery 27 Jun 2022 Read more 
Dr Zhao PuningTencent Holdings LimitedNearest Neighbor Methods with Applications in Functional Estimation and Machine Learning30 Jun 2022Read more
Dr Guo QingNanyang Technological UniversityRobust VisIntel: A Road towards Robustness of Visual Intelligence4 Jul 2022Read more
Dr Niu GangSoutheast UniversityLabel-noise Learning Beyond Class-conditional Noise16 Sep 2022Read more
Professor Yue YisongArgo AILearning for Reliable Control in Dynamical Systems21 Sep 2022Read more

Dr Kimberly Stachenfeld

Learned Models for Efficient Simulation and Design
12 Oct 2022Read more
Dr Liu DianboMila - Quebec AI InstituteDiscrete and Stochastic Aspect of Cognitively Inspired Machine Learning 31 Oct 2022Read more
Dr Pang GuansongSingapore Management University
Deep Learning of the Unknowns: Anomaly and Out-of-distribution Detection Perspectives30 Nov 2022Read more 
David BossensUniversity of Southampton Robust and Safe Artificial Intelligence6 Jan 2023Read more
Prof Nils Thuerey Technical University of Munich (TUM)Differentiable Physics Simulations for Deep Learning 12 Jan 2023Read more
Dr Yang YiboJD Explore AcademyHow Does Neural Collapse Inspire Us in Reliable Machine Learning?17 Jan 2023Read more
Dr Feng ShanshanHarbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)Rotated Lorentzian Graph Embedding 
Model for Asymmetric Proximity

18 Jan 2023Read more
Prof Tang MengUniversity of CaliforniaVisual Perception with Little Supervision19 Jan 2023Read more
Dr Zhang LiUniversity of Sheffield Exploring Local Information for Graph Representation Learning

30 Jan 2023Read more
Dr Liang ZhengAustralian National UniversityData-centric Computer Vision

6 Feb 2023 Read more
Prof Atsushi NitandaKyushu Institute of TechnologyOptimisation Theory for Neural Networks and Implicit Bias Towards Flat Minima
8 Feb 2023Read more
Dr Zhou Pan Sea AI LabLearning with Deep Learning: Optimiser and Network Architecture23 Feb 2023Read more
Ms Zheng YijiaPurdue UniversityLearning Manifold Dimensions with Conditional Variational Autoencoders 15 Mar 2023Read more
Dr Zhao BoBeijing Academy of Artificial IntelligenceData-efficient Learning with Dataset Condensation23 Mar 2023Read more
Assoc Prof Xie WeidiShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityKnowledge-Driven Multimodal Representation Learning
31 May 2023Read more
Gu JindongUniversity of OxfordReliable Visual Perception5 Jul 2023Read more
Prof Wan RenjieHong Kong Baptist UniversityNeural Radiance Fields with Light Transport Occlusions12 Jul 2023Read more

CFAR Outstanding PhD Student Seminar Series
SpeakerAffiliation TitleDate Details
Mr Kelvin C.K. ChanNanyang Technological UniversityImage and Video Super-Resolution in the Wild16 Mar 2022Read more 
Mr David Berend Nanyang Technological UniversityEnhancing & Assessing Trustworthy AI using Out-of-Distribution Detection24 Mar 2022 Read more
Ms Clare Lyle University of Oxford The Dynamics of Reinforcement Learning 06 Apr 2022Read more 
Mr Duan JiafeiUniversity of WashingtonPerceive and Reason About The Physical World26 Aug 2022Read more
Ms Kamilė Stankevičiūtė University of CambridgeConformal Time-series Forecasting
2 Sep 2022Read more
Mr Arun RajaInstitute for Infocomm ResearchIncorporating Diversity and Consistency in Semi-supervised Learning9 Sep 2022Read more
Dr. Filipe de Avila Belbute-PeresCarnegie Mellon University
Embedding Physical Knowledge into Deep Learning Models for Efficient and Robust Learning 4 Nov 2022Read more
Mr Chaitanya K. Joshi University of CambridgeOn the Expressive Power of Geometric Graph Neural Networks15 Feb 2023Read more
Xu RunshengUniversity of California, Los Angeles The Ultimate Solution for L4 Autonomous Driving: Cooperative Perception

12 Apr 2023Read more 
Wang KaiNational University of SingaporeReducing the CO2 Emission of Training Deep-learning Models: Towards Efficient Large-Scale Dataset Distillation and Pruning

20 Apr 2023Read more
Denny WuUniversity of Toronto and the Vector InstituteUnderstanding Modern Machine Learning Models Through the Lens of High-Dimensional Statistics

12 May 2023Read more
Sachit MenonColumbia UniversityVisual Knowledge and Reasoning with Large Language Models: Classification via Description and Visual Inference via Program Execution for Reasoning (ViperGPT)14 Jun 2023Read more
Wang ZifengNortheastern UniversityEffective and Efficient Continual Learning19 Jul 2023Read more 
Lee YoonhoStanford UniversityDistribution-Shift Robustness via Diversity and Non-Learning17 Aug 2023Read more