Smart FinTech: AI and Data Science for Finance

[CFAR Distinguished Professor Lecture Series]
Smart FinTech: AI and Data Science for Finance by Prof Cao Longbing
17 May 2023 | 9.30am (Singapore Time)

Smart FinTech has emerged as one of the most incredible application areas of new-generation artificial intelligence and data science (AIDS). Financial innovations, businesses and data are diversified and challenging, posing significant theoretical and practical settings and questions to AIDS research and applications. 

In this talk, Prof Cao Longbing from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will briefly review the areas of smart FinTech, the landscape of classic to modern AIDS research in finance and data-driven analytics and learning for open finance. He will then illustrate shallow to deep analytics and learning for cross-market applications including asset representation, financial crisis and portfolio investment, and banking services. 

Prof Cao Longbing 
Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Founding Director
UTS Advanced Analytics Institute
Prof Cao Longbing is a Professor and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow (Professorial level) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He is also the founding director of UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (now Data Science Institute), and will be the Distinguished Chair Professor in AI at Macquarie University. In addition to receiving the Australian Eureka prize, Prof Cao also serves different editorial roles such as the Editor-in-Chiefs of IEEE Intelligent Systems and Springer-Nature’s Journal of Data Science and Analytics, and created several data science initiatives including the IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics. His broad research interest covers AI, data science, machine learning, behaviour informatics, complex intelligent systems, and their actionable enterprise applications in both public and private sectors.