CFAR Internship Award

CFAR Internship Award for Research Excellence (CIARE)

Discover your passion in scientific interest and get a head-start in research with a diverse pool of AI researchers with A*STAR’s CFAR Internship Award for Research Excellence (CIARE). 

Why CFAR Internship Award for Research Excellence (CIARE)?

The CIARE is a unique summer internship programme that:

  • Provides you with exceptional research experience
  • Helps you develop a solid foundation in research skills through immersive learning and interaction
  • Offers you the opportunity to work alongside AI researchers to conduct experiments and apply theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills to address real-world challenges

Who can apply?

  • Undergraduates (≥ 2nd yr) in computing and information science, engineering and technology from local institutions only
  • Excellent academic standing in your undergraduate programme i.e., on track to obtain at least a 2nd Upper Class Honours Degree or equivalent. CGPA Grades (i.e., 4.0 out of 5.0)
  • Keen interest in AI research
  • Internship duration of 12 weeks during vacation
Application deadline is 12 April 2023. Interested candidate to send your CV to

For overseas applicants, you may wish to apply under SIPGA.