See What You Hide and Hide What You See

[CFAR Distinguished Professor Lecture Series]
See What You Hide and Hide What You See by Prof Wang Zheng
25 Apr 2023 | 10.00am (Singapore Time)

Deep learning (DL) models are now so powerful that they could understand multimedia content directly and accurately – that is seeing what you see. However, the world is not just about what we could see. We are unable to see what lies inside these information, unlike visual models, which have a strong ability to see all. In special situations where privacy is concerned, we do not want the model to see more than it should.

Therefore, Prof Wang Zheng and his team started working on the topic of “See What You Hide and Hide What You See". In this talk, Prof Wang will share two pieces of his work – Hidden Follower Discovery (See What You Hide) and HOTCOLD blocks (Hide What You See). 

Prof Wang Zheng
Wuhan University

Prof Wang Zheng is currently a Professor at Wuhan University, China. He was an Assistant Professor at The University of Tokyo, Japan and a JPSP Fellowship Researcher at the National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan. His main research interest lies in multimedia content enhancement, analysis, and retrieval. He received his Ph.D. at Wuhan University, China in June 2017. Prof Wang was awarded the Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM) Best Paper Award in 2014 and the ACM Wuhan Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2017. He was also conferred the Best Young Scholar of Association of Chinese Alumni in Japan and the Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researcher (LEADER) in 2020, as well as the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) Best Paper Award Candidate in 2021.