Applying Artificial Intelligence to Sustainable Initiatives

In the recent Opinion Editorial on Sustainable AI, Professor Ong Yew Soon, A*STAR’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, and Dr Lim Keng Hui, Executive Director of A*STAR’s Institute of High-Performance Computing, provide their insights on how artificial intelligence technologies can be applied to meet sustainability demand. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems today are already transforming industries and becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives. Such systems, which leverage machines to process and analyse large amounts of data, have vastly changed how humans work and play, and are being used today in many sectors, from banking to energy to agriculture. But AI systems can be energy-intensive, and there is a pressing need for those working in the field of AI to address the potentially large environmental impacts. This is especially as demand for data and intelligent devices continues to proliferate. 

By leveraging AI-driven innovations and technological breakthroughs to push the boundaries of resource efficiency, the aim is for AI to consume little power and be powerful in performance at the same time. To realise the vision of sustainable AI, we will need focused efforts in strategically important fundamental research.

This is one reason why A*STAR established a Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR) to advance use-inspired basic research in AI within the A*STAR scientific community and the wider research ecosystem. CFAR will focus on next-generation AI technologies for Sustainable AI, Resilient & Safe AI, and Artificial General Intelligence.

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