A*STAR CFAR AI Symposium 2022

The official opening ceremony of A*STAR's Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR) was held at the A*STAR CFAR AI Symposium 2022 on 7 December 2022. The light up ceremony was graced by Mr Frederick Chew, Chief Executive Officer, A*STAR, Prof Lim Keng Hui, Assistant Chief Executive, Science & Engineering Research Council, A*STAR, Prof Ong Yew Soon,  Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, A*STAR and  Prof Ivor Tsang, Director, CFAR.

CFAR Launch 2022
From L to R: Prof Ong Yew Soon, Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, A*STAR, Prof Ivor Tsang, Director, CFAR.
Mr Frederick Chew, Chief Executive Officer, A*STAR, Prof Lim Keng Hui, Assistant Chief Executive, Science & Engineering Research Council, A*STAR 

CFAR (pronounced “SEE-FAR”), will focus on three key research areas:
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to make AI think and reason in a more human-like fashion. This involves integrating individual cognitive functions, such as object recognition and reasoning enabled by machine learning, deep learning and computer vision technologies, to build AI models that can generalise learnings and perform well even in unexpected situations.
  • Resilient & Safe AI to develop safer and more robust AI models which are capable of recovering from data distribution shifts. These AI models will be critically important to safety-critical applications such as self-driving vehicles and automated disease diagnoses, which are increasingly being used.
  • Sustainable AI to look at how carbon emissions and computing power consumption from AI models can be reduced via more resource- and data-efficient AI. Researchers will also look at how AI can be leveraged to tackle environmental and climate challenges through digital modelling and simulation.

A*STAR CFAR AI Symposium 2022

The event wrapped up with a panel discussion from the esteemed speakers from IEEE CIS (Computational Intelligence Society) and NTU (Nanyang Technological University), with the topic on The Frontier of AI and CI

CFAR AI Symposium 2022 - The Frontier of AI and CI

From L to R: Prof Yaochu JIN, President Elect​, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society​; Prof James
President​, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society​; Prof Jonathan GARIBALDI​, Editor-in-Chief, 
IEEE Transactions on ​Fuzzy Systems; Prof Carlos A. COELLO COELLO, Editor-in-Chief​, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation​; Prof Yonggang WEN, President’s Chair in Computer Science and Engineering,
NTU Singapore​; 
Prof Georgios N YANNAKAKIS​, Editor-in-Chief​, IEEE Transactions on Games; 
Prof Mengjie ZHANG​, Distinguished Lecturer​,
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society​

[WATCH] the video to find out more about CFAR.