(From left to right) Ms. Valencia Lie; Mr. Lee Yew Jun; Mr. Pui Tze Sian; Mr. Yang Teng; Mr Trevor Lee

Congratulations to Dr. He Yang, Research Scientist from A*STAR’s Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR) and all members of Team X-Physio on winning the third prize at A*STAR Makeathon 2022. Focusing on the theme of Health & Wellness in the Digital Age, this innovation programme provides opportunities to accelerate innovative ideas into prototypes through the process of making. The second edition of the Makeathon serves as an avenue for like-minded individuals to foster collaborations and create innovative solutions to crucial problems, while learning new ways of working and innovating. 

X-Physio offers an AI-powered app to enable remote and highly personalised physical therapy. By training an AI model based on pose estimation dataset, the app is able to correct patients’ postures through real time detection of their movements and make comparisons with precise postures provided by physical therapists. With X-Physio, patients can perform rehabilitation training at home and receive real time feedback on their movements, thereby improving rehabilitation outcomes while driving better patient engagement.  Besides reducing patients’ travel and wait times, this project could also provide more cost-effective treatments for patients. 

Team Members:

  1. Mr. He Yang, Research Scientist, Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR), A*STAR 
  2. Mr. Lee Yew Jun, NTU Singapore
  3. Mr. Pui Tze Sian, NTU Singapore
  4. Mr. Trevor Lee, Physical Therapist, PhysioConnect 
  5. Ms. Valencia Lie, NTU Singapore
  6. Mr. Yang Teng, NTU Singapore    

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