A*STAR Career Development Fund (CDF) Recipients

Congratulations to Dr. Pan Yuangang and Dr. Liu Ping, Research Scientists from A*STAR’s Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR) for receiving the A*STAR Career Development Fund (CDF). The CDF aims to support promising early-career researchers in developing their careers in A*STAR by providing project management experience and seed funding.

Dr. Pan's work titled "Handy directional generation of biological synthetics with lazy experts" aims to build a directional generative framework (DGF) that introduces preference learning into synthetic biology to incorporate scientists' feedback. DGF is data-driven and designed to leverage patterns within existing biology datasets. More importantly, DGF provides flexible control interfaces, which adjust the generation direction merely based on scientists' preference over synthetics. The built DGF can significantly accelerate the process of designing DNA sequences, proteins, and additional macromolecules for usage in medicine, environmental treatment, and manufacturing, which then provides significant social and economic benefits.
Dr. Liu’s project involves the building of a class-specific super-resolution framework that can be adapted to different environments. His work titled "Imagining the Invisible" aims to boost the vision sensing ability and promote the recognition performance of systems by super-resolving class-specific objects. With this super-resolution framework, objects that are previously difficult for human perception, machine analysis and intelligent systems may now be easily detected and identified.