Recipient for AI Singapore Research Grant Call 2021

Learning continually, to accumulate knowledge, is one of the prominent features of human intelligence. Unlike this, deep learning-based AI models are mostly static under a strong assumption that all the distributions are known apriori and are pre-defined in the training data.

The project by Dr Li Xiaoli, Investigator at A*STAR’s Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR), aims to bridge the gap by developing Self-Aware Continuous Learning Models that are continuously:

  • aware of the historical distributions,
  • detect unknown novel distributions,
  • estimate the complexity of the unknown distributions,
  • choose relevant data to represent the unknown distributions, and
  • adapt to represent new distribution without (catastrophically) forgetting any historical distribution.

It also improves AI models’ generalisation capability through representational adaptations with new data. The project will build AI models that learn throughout life, to enable critical applications that warrant dynamic and up-to-date decision making, in diverse application domains.

Congratulations to Dr Li for receiving the proposal award under Theme One: Continuous Learning AI category.

About AI Singapore Research Grant Call 2021

AI Singapore invites proposals in advanced fundamental AI research for the following themes:

  1. Theme One: Continuous Learning AI
  2. Theme Two: Resource Efficient AI
  3. Open AI Fundamental Research Theme

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