ITAP 2021 - Asia-Pacific's Leading Industry 4.0 Event

ITAP 2021

The Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) trade show was held from 22 to 24 November 2021.

With “Stepping Up Capabilities with Industry 4.0” as the driving theme, the event showcased actionable Industry 4.0 solutions to inspire, scale and sustain businesses in their Industry 4.0 transformation journey.

The three-day hybrid event comprised a power-packed programme line-up such as the Future of Manufacturing Summit, the inaugural live Industry Connects Talks, a physical exhibition at the Singapore EXPO featuring smart and sustainable manufacturing technologies and tools from A*STAR and our partners, as well as a virtual component on the ITAP online platform.

A*STAR and our partners were part of the ITAP event for the fourth year running.

Watch the video for a snapshot of the action:

A*STAR Kicks Off S$18m Supply Chain 4.0 Initiative With Partners, Opens Supply Chain Control Tower To Testbed Solutions

DPM announce launch of supply chain
Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced the launch of an S$18 million Supply Chain 4.0 Initiative, to develop solutions for more agile, resilient, and secure supply chains.

DPM Heng announced the launch of an S$18 million Supply Chain 4.0 Initiative at the opening ceremony of ITAP.

Led by A*STAR and supported by research partners, the National University of Singapore, through its Centre for Next Generation Logistics, and the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the initiative aims to develop solutions for more agile, resilient, and secure supply chains. It also attracted over 50 companies from across five sectors (aerospace, fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, precision engineering, and semiconductors).

A*STAR also opened a Supply Chain Control Tower, with McKinsey & Company as its knowledge partner, to testbed solutions with partners.

Click here for more information on the launch of the Supply Chain 4.0 initiative.

The Future Of Manufacturing (FOM) Summit

Co-organised by A*STAR and Constellar, the Future of Manufacturing (FOM) summit saw thought leaders from various industry sectors and enterprise types share their views on the considerations surrounding the adoption of Industry 4.0. At the Summit themed ‘Bringing Industry 4.0 within Reach’, participants attended a series of keynotes and panel sessions, which covered the topics on receptivity and adoption of Industry 4.0, as well as business and environmental sustainability.

A*STAR also moderated two roundtable sessions, which saw a good mix of representatives from industry (MNCs, LLEs, SMEs), public sector and the Institutes of Higher Learning. The first roundtable targeted at regional CXOs was on the topic of “Navigating Priorities Across the Management Suite – Framing Industry 4.0 Value Propositions to Change Mindsets & Gain Buy-In”, while the second roundtable, tailored for directors and above from different industry sectors, focused on the topic of “Practical Approaches to Right-Pacing & Right-Sizing Transformation”.

Prof Tan Sze Wee delivered welcome and closing remarks
Prof Tan Sze Wee, Assistant Chief Executive, Enterprise, A*STAR, delivered the welcome and closing remarks of the Summit. Prof Tan shared with participants the importance of supporting industry-wide efforts in encouraging greater adoption of Industry 4.0. He also noted how sustainable manufacturing was a key capability for Singapore businesses to advance in, to differentiate themselves from others.

Dennis Ling in panel discussion
In a panel discussion moderated by Dennis Ling, Group Director of A*STAR’s Enterprise division, panellists from TÜV SÜD Digital Service, Watson EP Industries, Siemens, and Delta Electronics, spoke about the topic “Overcoming Barriers to Transformation – How Can Industry 4.0 Be More Accessible to Manufacturers and Businesses?” Discussions included initiatives taken and frameworks put in place to speed up Industry 4.0 transformation.

A*STAR Physical Exhibit - Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing

A*STAR exhibited in the Whole-of-Government Pavilion. The exhibit showcased how A*STAR works with partners from industry and the Institutes of Higher Learning to develop and deploy Industry 4.0 technologies that can be applied across the entire manufacturing value chain.

DPM Heng Swee Keat at ITAP 2021 physical exhibit
Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat (second from left) at A*STAR’s physical exhibit at ITAP. Facilitated by Dr Zhang Jingbing (extreme left), Technical Division Director, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre, A*STAR, and Prof Alfred Huan (second from right), Assistant Chief Executive, Science and Engineering Research Council, A*STAR. DPM witnessed capabilities in smart and sustainable manufacturing from A*STAR and partners, which have positively impacted the sustainable transformation of Singapore’s manufacturing industry.

Accelerating its transformation to Industry 4.0 (I4.0), Singapore’s manufacturing industry is actively leveraging smart manufacturing technologies not only to increase productivity and resilience, but also to improve environmental sustainability to secure Singapore’s long–term global competitiveness.

To support our industries in this journey, A*STAR has been collaborating extensively with our partners in Institutes of Higher Learning and the industry to develop, translate, and deploy I4.0 smart technologies that can be applied across the entire manufacturing value chain from resources, through design and manufacturing, to recycling, with an aim to redefine the future of sustainable manufacturing.

A*STAR physical exhibit at ITAP 2021
A*STAR’s physical exhibit at ITAP 2021, showcasing smart and sustainable manufacturing technologies and tools from A*STAR and partners.

ARTC Chris Mason sharing about modern agritech platform
Chris Mason from A*STAR’s ARTC shared with participants about A*STAR’s smart vertical farming solutions.

Find out more on A*STAR’s smart and sustainable manufacturing technologies here!

New Learning Opportunities For The Manufacturing Sector

SIMTech ARTC SP MOU signing ceremony
SIMTech, ARTC and SP MOU signing ceremony. (From left to right: Mr Soh Wai Wah, Principal and CEO of SP and Dr David Low, Executive Director of A*STAR’s SIMTech, and Chief Executive Officer of A*STAR’s ARTC)

A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) signed an MOU with Singapore Polytechnic, facilitated by the Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy, to offer learning opportunities for the manufacturing sector to encourage the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies in this fourth industrial revolution.

Click here for ChannelNewsAsia’s online media coverage of the announcement.

A*STAR, EDB, JTC And Ecosystem Partners To Explore Testbed Facility For Accelerating Industry Adoption Of Emerging Carbon Capture And Utilisation Technologies

CCUTT mou signing ceremony at ITAP 2021
Carbon Capture and Utilisation Translational Testbed (CCUTT) MoU Signing Ceremony at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) on 23 November 2021

Officiated at ITAP, through the inking of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), A*STAR, EDB, JTC and 13 ecosystem partners will study the development of a Carbon Capture and Utilisation Translational Testbed (CCUTT). CCUTT will enable companies to rapidly pilot and scale-up new CCU technologies.

This initiative was announced by Minister for Trade & Industry, Mr Gan Kim Yong, in conjunction with the announcement of the Sustainable Jurong Island plan.

Industry Connects Talks

ITAP this year also saw the introduction of a new series of live Industry Connects Talks. Participants were treated to insightful and dynamic talks from diverse speakers from industry, Institutes of Higher Learning, and A*STAR. Members from the community discussed topics ranging from “The Green Compass”, “Digital Transformation in Supply Chain and Manufacturing” to “Shaping Your Future in Manufacturing through Hyper-Personalisation”

Dr Yang Shanshan ARTC on supply chain
Dr Yang Shanshan, ARTC, spoke on A*STAR's Supply Chain 4.0 initiative. She discussed the various methods companies can use to make their supply chain more agile and flexible across all lifecycles.

Dr Jonathan low SIMTech on Green Compass initiative
Dr Jonathan Low, SIMTech, briefed on the Green Compass initiative, a roadmap to a more sustainable supply chain.

Dr Prashant Chhaya ARTC next generation hyper personalisation
Mr Prashant Chhaya, ARTC, shared on the topic of “Next Generation Hyper-Personalisation”

Dr Rayner Ng SIMTech reducing plastic waste
Mr Rayner Ng, SIMTech shared on the importance of reducing plastic waste, and how SIMTech has aided companies work towards a zero-waste circular economy.

A*STAR’s Physical Exhibits – Our Tools and Technologies