4 Innovation Centres

Sustainability Manufacturing Centre



The Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC) promotes sustainable practices and technologies to external stakeholders. It identifies and seeds new industries through providing innovative technologies in emerging applications and facilitating networking. SMC achieves these through close collaborations with the industry, government agencies and the academia.

The nexus for sustainable & emerging application technologies and partnerships where science meets business.

To propel the industry towards environmental and economic sustainability through the diffusion of advanced manufacturing technologies and expertise.


  • Industry Development
    • Assist companies’ transition towards sustainable operations and products
    • Provide novel solutions currently unavailable in the market

  • Technology Transfer
    • Provide cost-effective adoption of new technologies

  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Offer SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Diploma/ modules, masterclasses
    • Organise seminars, conferences, workshops for corporate training

  • Showcase & Promotion
    • Technological applications and success stories
    • Networking opportunities, roundtable & outreach


  • Sustainability
    • Life Cycle Analysis & Life Cycle Costing
    • Circular Economy
      • Waste-to-Resources Management
      • Remanufacturing
    • Eco-design of Products
    • Processing/Materials
      • Sustainable Polymer Processing
      • Natural Fibre Composite
    • Sustainable Operations:
      • Energy/Water/Waste Management
    • Sustainable Solutions for Urban Farming

  • Smart Microfluidics
    • Design & Development of Microfluidics Systems
    • Prototyping & Pilot Production of Microfluidics Devices

  • Printed Intelligent Devices
    • Materials and process development for printed electronics, sensors and other functions
    • Design and development of devices based on printed technologies


  • Life Cycle Assessment Toolkit
  • Waste to Resources Management Platform
  • Energy/Water/Waste Monitoring and Analytics System
  • Simulation/Thermal Management for Human Comfort
  • Wastewater treatment:
    • Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation Process (E-AOP) to treat wastewaters with concentrated non-biodegradable organics
    • Advanced Silicon Ceramic Membrane
    • Metal Film Membrane
Smart Microfluidics
  • Microfluidic based customisable DNA/RNA automated detection systems
  • Micro-droplet generator with disposable components to eliminate cross contamination
  • Organ/Skin-on-chip testing devices
  • Polymer-based microfluidics chip
Printed Intelligent Devices
  • Roll-to-Roll Printed Heater, Electrodes, Touch & Sensor for Smart Systems in e.g. Wearables & Smart Packaging
  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics which integrate printed electronics with semiconductors, and combine thermoforming & in-mild processes to create a smart, flexible integrated system.


SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF)

SMC provides the following products and services to help local companies to adopt emerging technology:

SMF Services & Products
SMF provides design and simulation for microfluidics devices. It also provides prototyping and pilot production of polymer based microfluidics devices, which include Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), Polycarbonate (PC), Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) and others. It employs a comprehensive array of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to address unique requirements. SMF also offers the following products:

  • SMF standard size microfluidics chips and chip holders
  • Universal chipholders for wide range of microfluidics chips
  • Microfluidic test station integrated with pumps for detection
  • Cascadable syringe pumps with 0.015μm step resolution
  • Micro-droplet generator with disposable components to eliminate cross contamination
In December 2012, SMF successfully passed the audit of ISO 9001 and 13485 on production of microfluidic devices for in vitro diagnostics devices
Large Area Processing

LAP provides design, prototyping and pilot production of products to develop emerging industries in these applications.

  • Printed Lighting for illuminated advertisements, furniture, and building façade lightings
  • Printed Circuitry, Sensor and Touch for consumer electronics, medical devices, wearable electronics, smart packaging and other smart/integrated systems
  • Printed Energy Devices such as printed batteries and printed photovoltaics

For enquiries, please contact 
Ms Cindy Huang, Senior Manager, Sustainable Manufacturing Centre