Apart from co-innovation and technology transfer, the Model Factory also plays a significant role in helping companies to train their staff to be equipped with the necessary skills to support their digital transformation journey. The hands-on trainings are conducted in an unique, immersive learning environment of the Model Factory, allowing for experiential experimentation and learning

The A*STAR Model Factory at SIMTech is proud to be part of the International Association of Learning Factories.

The Model Factory hosted the 12th Conference on Learning Factories (CLF), an international conference for top academics and researchers in the field of learning factories related to manufacturing engineering and production management, in 2022, the first time the CLF was held outside Europe.


Digital Transformation



Implement LEAN Manufacturing is a joint initiative by SIMTech and Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) that trains industry personnel in LEAN principles and tools to drive productivity breakthroughs and enhance organisational efficiency.

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Operations MaNagement InnovationTM (OMNITM) programme is a joint initiative by SIMTech and SkillsFuture Singapore to train key personnel, managers and seniors from the industry to achieve manufacturing excellence using operations management techniques and technologies.

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Digital Transformation and InnovationTM (DTITM)


Digital Transformation & InnovationTM (DTITM) programme is a joint initiative by SIMTech and SkillsFuture Singapore to train key personnel from the industry to accelerate business model changes and achieve impactful digital transformation by leveraging on digital technologies.

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Digital Leadership


The Digital Leadership programme is delivered through immersive learning where company leaders can experience actual production environment and witness practical application of Supply Chain, Enterprise & Frontline Ready-to-Go digital technologies.

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Manufacturing Data Mining


To build up trainee’s capability in applying data mining approach and methodologies to overcome challenges in operations/manufacturing context; achieve operational & management excellence with  data/facts supported decision making process.

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Technology Training Programmes

Microservice for Smart Manufacturing and Services Application

Microservices enables the decomposition of complex software systems into modular, autonomous services with distinct functions and APIs. This modular approach enhances flexibility, scalability, and fault tolerance, essential qualities for adapting to Industry 4.0 landscape.

This programme consists of 5 full-day sessions covering theory and practical methodscovering containerisation concepts, practices and tools using real-world manufacturing solutions for in-depth understanding. At the end of the programme, participants will be able to understand and apply 12-factor app design philosophy, containerization of applications, and deploying and orchestration of containerized microservices applications.

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Data-driven Predictive Maintenance and Optimal Plan

Effective management of maintenance in industries is a major concern to reduce the cost and ensure the reliable operation of high-value equipment/machines. With modern complex complicated equipment and time pressure from production, a data-driven decision-making approach with timely support from relevant data is crucial for generating optimal plans and cost-effective maintenance.

This course aims to provide participants with knowledge, techniques and skills in data collection, analysis for predictive maintenance and optimal maintenance planning. Data from machine sensors, operation management systems and maintenance activities are analyzed during the training sessions.

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Production Planning and Scheduling for Smart Manufacturing

By learning and implementing an advanced planning, scheduling and integrating tracking technology, production planners will be able to create realistic operational plans and resource schedules that tell the stakeholders what to do and when to do it in an optimal way.

To start companies on their digitalisation journey and equip them with the knowledge on advanced planning and scheduling (APS), this course aims to equip participants with the essential understanding of Production Planning and Scheduling, by providing practical sessions such as hands-on modelling.

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Real-time OEE for Industry 4.0

Maximised the machine overall effectiveness is a goal for resource owners. Currently, their machines are often not fully utilized even with 24x7 operations. They cannot figure out how much is the shortfall, where and how it is happening. With data coming from machines in real-time in an Industry 4.0 environment, it could measure how machines are actually utilized.

This programme aims at providing participants with practical and systematic training in applying real-time OEE to achieve high machine productivity. It is designed specifically to meet local industry needs. The course is highly practical and intensive, and will be taught by expert trainers in the field with industrial experience. It provides up-to-date technology and latest knowledge on OEE.

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Connectivity for Visibility and Decision Making in Smart Factories

In the era of Industry 4.0, brownfield sensorisation and connectivity is a process to obtain data of existing equipment in order to enable smart capabilities in the manufacturing shop floor. Approaches include extracting data from the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) of equipment as well as the installation of sensors to provide relevant data.

During this three and a half-day intensive course, lectures and hands-on practical demonstrations are conducted in animmersivetraining environment at theModel Factory@SIMTechand A*STAR Industrial Internet-of-Things Innovation (I³).

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Improve Quality Monitoring and Management Through Digitalisation

Using digitalisation, businesses can transform shopfloor quality operations using manual processes into digitalized workflows. The benefits include improved productivity in data collection, easy traceability of quality data and proper alignment between quality planning and operations. Furthermore, digitalisation makes it easy to gain insights in the trove of quality data.

This is an introductory course on quality management for the manufacturing shopfloor. The course will cover the meaning of quality and concepts such as Six Sigma and Taguchi loss function. We will also explore how digitalisation can enhance quality management and monitoring.

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Industrial AI for Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence is the capability of a computer to imitate, or go beyond, intelligent human behaviour. It is revolutionising manufacturing in many ways by delivering insights to reduce unplanned machine downtime, increase production throughput, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver an increase in quality.

This programme takes a hands-on approach, going beyond the theory and focuses on equipping participants with the necessary skills to add value to their organisation whether that might be a start-up, SME or MNC.

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