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Realtime OEE
*This is a non-WSQ module.

Maximised the machine overall effectiveness is a goal for resource owners. Currently, their machines are often not fully utilized even with 24x7 operations. They cannot figure out how much is the shortfall, where and how it is happening. With data coming from machines in real-time in an Industry 4.0 environment, it could measure how machines are actually utilized. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key machine performance metric to identify hidden capacities and improve manufacturing productivity. The three key OEE factors include availability, performance, and quality. By analysing its OEE losses including machine breakdown, machine slow-down, and scrap parts, a manufacturing company can optimise the OEE of their existing equipment.

About the Real-time OEE Programme

This programme aims at providing participants with practical and systematic training in applying real-time OEE to achieve high machine productivity. It is designed specifically to meet local industry needs. The course is highly practical and intensive, and will be taught by expert trainers in the field with industrial experience. It provides up-to-date technology and latest knowledge on OEE. Case studies highlight the industrial applications will also be shared with the participants during the training sessions. Seventy per-cent (70%) of the course is conducted by on-site mentoring.

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Realtime OEE for Industry 4

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Implement OEE for Productivity Improvement (48 hours)TGS-2018502729

IIoT-enabled Equipment Condition Monitoring and Alert
Overall Equipment Effectiveness Fundamentals & Calculation (OEE-LITE)(16 hours)TGS-2020504619  
Real-time OEE for Industry 4.0 (40 hours)

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