SIMTech offers various student attachment schemes for undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in research projects at SIMTech and to gain more exposure to industries.


  • A*STAR Graduate Scholarships (AGS)
    This is a four-year PhD programme open to local undergraduates who are going to start their career in R&D in local industries and research institutes. It provides PhD students the opportunity to carry out their thesis research in the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). The research areas covered include biomedical sciences, physical sciences, and engineering, where scholars are co-supervised by researchers from A*STAR and local or overseas prestigious universities. 

    The AGS is tenable at the following partner universities:
    - National University of Singapore
    - Nanyang Technological University
    - Imperial College London
    - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    - Karolinska Institutet
    - University of Dundee
    - Carnegie Mellon University

    For details, please visit here

  • MSc in Engineering Business Management (EBM)
    This is a MSc programme offered by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) in partnership with Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and SIMTech to provide the foundation for careers as professional managers who are required to have a broad understanding of business strategies, operations management and technology deployment. The programme is specifically designed to develop one's abilities to manage and lead in engineering, manufacturing and process-based technologies. Courses will be taught by The University of Warwick staff, and projects will be supervised by SIMTech researchers and industrialists. Graduates will be conferred a University of Warwick degree.

    For details, please visit here


  • SIMTech-Undergraduate Research on Campus (SIMTech-Ureca) and SIMTech-Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (SIMTech-UROP)
    This programme is designed for year-2 and year-3 undergraduate students who have interests in doing research. It is in corporation with the URECA programmes available in NTU and the UROP programme in NUS. The proposed projects are based on the project list announced by the respective universities.

  • Industry Attachment (IA)
    This programme provides a venue for year-3 undergraduate students to gain exposure and pre-training to industries. Students interested in the industry attachment programme can contact for details.

  • Final Year Project (FYP)
    This programme is designed for year-4 undergraduate students to carry out their Final Year Projects (FYPs) by participating in the research projects in SIMTech. The proposed projects are included in the FYP project list announced in the respective universities in due course.

  • Research Interns
    This programme provides a short-term attachment from one month to one year for graduated students awaiting their AGS results or for students/personnel who are involved in collaborative research projects in SIMTech. For application of research intern, please contact