Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation

Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation


Precision Engineering (PE) is the building block of manufacturing. From nanometric semiconductor chips to the most cutting-edge medical devices and the giant-sized drill bits used in oil exploration, the PE sector is of crucial importance for the electronics, aerospace, automotive, marine, oil & gas, and Medtech industries. Its role in the Singapore industrial landscape is evident as the PE industry employs a quarter of the local manufacturing workforce.

PE COI was set up in 2007 in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (formerly SPRING Singapore) with the purpose to serve as a resource centre to assist Precision Engineering (PE) companies in tapping on technologies for innovation, so as to sustain and advance their businesses. 

Hosted at SIMTech and supported by A*STAR research institutes as well as other institutes of higher learning, PE COI offers a broad spectrum of technologies, manpower training, consultancy, and comprehensive facilities to meet the manufacturing needs of local PE companies. PE COI also spearheads industry initiatives and manpower training to close critical capability gaps in the industry, in alignment with the precision engineering industry transformation map (PE ITM).  


PE COI aims to support Precision Engineering companies in leveraging on SIMTech’s manufacturing technologies to sustain, transform and advance their businesses locally and expand internationally.

PE COI upgrades the precision engineering industry through:

  • Showcase and Promotion
    • Material, Process and Product Innovation
    • Business Model and Operations Innovation
    • Overseas mission trips, roundtable and networking sessions
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Specialist skills training: Precision Engineering (PE) Workforce Skills
    • Qualifications (WSQ) Specialist and Graduate Diploma courses
    • Organise annual conferences, overseas mission trips, seminars, workshops, roundtable and networking sessions
  • Technology Transfer
    • Develop capabilities and Intellectual Property on process and automation technologies
    • Transfer of technologies to the local PE industry
  • Industry Development
    • Form industry initiatives to help the precision engineering companies in Singapore venture into high growth industries
    • Provide advisory support and consultancy
    • Sharing of resources

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PE COI offers a wide range of technologies and know-how that caters to diverse markets and industries:

  • Forming:
    Cold forging, Micro-forming, Precision rotary forming, Liquid forging, Polymer injection moulding, Micromoulding, Injection/expansion/compression technology, Compounding of polymer, Processing polymer composite, Powder injection moulding of metals and ceramics

  • Joining and Machining:
    Arc welding (including TIG, MIG, and plasma welding) and cladding, Laser welding, Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM), Resistance welding, 3D Additive Manufacturing, Diffusion bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Ultrasonic Welding, Adhesive bonding, Sealing and Lamination, Micro/ Nano-joining, Thermal Management, Carbon nanotube and Graphene (dispersion, interconnection, electrode and nano-composites)
    Micro-machining, 5-axis machining, Ultra-precision machining, Ultrasonic assisted machining, Cutter development, Gun Drilling, CAD/CAM, Surface finishing, Edge deburring, Laser technologies, Cleaning, Cutting, Drilling, Microstructuring and Surface modification

  • Surface Engineering:
    Super-hard coatings for wear resistance, dry lubrication, anti-stick and anti-corrosion for use in cutting tools, bearing, wear parts, moulds and dies, Hybrid composite coatings for anti-slip, easy-or self-cleaning and decoration

  • Mechatronics:
    Precision machine design, Motion calibration, Multi-axis motion control, 3D error compensation, Machine vibration control, Automation and robotics

  • Precision Measurements:
    Optic design and simulation, Optical system integration and characterisation, Machine vision system, Image processing, 3D surface measurement, 2D and 3D defect inspection, Metrology and thermal analysis

The Centre will be a front for industry engagement with SIMTech's technologies; and several initiatives will be rolled out for different segments of the industries tackling different precision engineering issues.

Platform Technology on Large Format 3D Printing with Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM)

CIP on 3D Additive Manufacturing (AM) Capabilities of Metal and Polymer Parts

CIP on Advanced Machining Dynamics Analysis Technology for Productivity and Quality Improvement

Platform Technology on Functional Coatings for Glass & Ceramics

Platform Technology on Protective Coating Technologies against Wear and Corrosion

Platform Technology on SIMTech Scalable Mobile Platform (SMP) Programme

Platform Technology on SIMTech SECS/GEM in High Speed Message Service


  • Material Innovation
    PE COI assists companies to explore innovating new materials to enhance the performance of processes and products.
    • Sol-Gel Coating
    • High Thermal Conductivity Burn Relief Applications
  • Process Innovation
    PE COI works with companies to develop innovative processes to manufacture products with cost effectiveness and in shorter time with SIMTech’s manufacturing expertise.
    • 3D Additive Manufacturing Technologies
    • Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) for Repair of Turbocharger Components
    • Quick Machining Vibration Solver and Optimiser
    • Liquid Forging of High Aspect Ratio Radio Feature Parts
    • Spin Forming of High Strength Metal Components Process Innovation of Turbocharger Components
    • Customised Tool Grinding, Edge Polishing and In-Situ Measurement System
  • Product Innovation
    PE COI’s expert consultants and SIMTech’s technologies assist companies to develop new innovative products.
    • Portable Blood Bag Warmer
  • Operations Innovation
    PE COI helps companies improve overall operation efficiency and effectiveness by offering solutions to enhance manufacturing operation visibility for decision support.
    • High Productivity TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding Technique
  • Business Model Innovation
    PE COI works with companies to harness technology for business model innovation to keep pace with changing technology and business environment.
    • From an Equipment Supplier to Service Provider to Information Supplier 

For enquiries, please contact 
Mr Tan Chee Tat, Director, Precision Engineering of Innovation (PE COI)
Tel: (65) 6510 1699