Key Features

The Model Factory showcases 4 key features:

Manufacturing-as-a-Connected Service


With Manufacturing-as-a-Connected-Service leveraging on high-availability such as WiFi6 and 5G connectivity, the Model Factory is embedded in a multi-site manufacturing value chain that showcases last-mile product customisation through the use of micro-factories in the city environment.

Circular Manufacturing


The Model Factory offers a cyber-physical platform for the experimentation and development of holistic circular manufacturing concepts including Design for Circularity, Smart Sorting and Disassembly of end-of-life products and the fostering of contextualized Industrial Symbiosis capabilities. Our aim is to collaboratively innovate smart and sustainable manufacturing technologies, contributing to a more environmentally friendly future.

Design for Circularity

Product designs that facilitate repairs, extensions of lifespan and easily disassembled for repurposing, refurbished and recycling

Smart Sorting & Disassembly

Identify, categorize and separate components/materials from end-of-life products and waste streams to maximise resource recovery

Industrial Symbiosis

A collaborative and mutually beneficial platform where manufacturers exchange resources, waste, energy, or expertise to promote sustainability and efficiency

Immersive Digital Twin


Digital twin-assisted operations for immersive on-the-job guidance, remote training, and manufacturing decision support by harnessing AR/VR, simulation, and optimisation technologies.

Collaborative Production Sandbox