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Production Planning and Scheduling
*This is a non-WSQ module.

When you schedule production in your company, do you depend on human experience and intuition? The human brain excels in its intelligence and flexibility, but does production scheduling that depends on human experience and intuition really make the mark? Can you always be sure to have an “expert” of superb experience and intuition at your disposal? A good production planning and scheduling system can reap great productivity gains and operational advantages for a company in the form of a reduction in production costs, higher utilization rate of resources and an increase in meeting committed delivery dates to customers.

By learning and implementing an advanced planning, scheduling and integrating tracking technology, production planners will be able to create realistic operational plans and resource schedules that tell the stakeholders what to do and when to do it in an optimal way. 

About the Programme

To start companies on their digitalisation journey and equip them with the knowledge on advanced planning and scheduling (APS), this course aims to equip participants with the essential understanding of Production Planning and Scheduling, by providing practical sessions such as hands-on modelling of the participants’ existing planning & scheduling practices into SIMTech’s Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM) software.

Participants get to gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the detailed functional components of a Production Planning & Scheduling model
  • Perform hands-on modelling of the participant’s current factory model using SIMTech’s S-MOM software
  • Adopt best practices for production planning & scheduling through model refinement
  • Analyse the generated production schedule and perform ‘What-If’ analysis

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