ARTC Supply Chain 4.0 Innovation Themes


Supply Chain 4.0 Projects

ARTC Supply Chain 4.0 Digital Value Chain
Digital Value Chain
This segment aims to build architecture and platform technologies to enable trusted, secured connectivity and interoperability from shop floor to supply chain control tower, with multi-sided B2B collaborative planning.

ARTC Supply Chain 4.0 Data-driven Optimisation
Data-driven Optimisation
Here, the focus is on developing algorithms and solutions for big data-driven supply chain demand and planning, through Dynamic Network Configuration and Simulation, Flexible Order Monitoring and Re-planning, and Predictive Analytics in Supply and Demand Planning.

ARTC Supply Chain 4.0 Smart Warehouse & NextGen Logistics
Smart Warehouse & Next-Gen Logistics
Through this package, we aim to deliver algorithms and modular automation solutions to solve manpower challenges and the effects of an aging workforce while upskilling Singapore's workforce, and reinforcing the country's status as a knowledge economy.