Federated Microservice-based Supply Chain Collaborative Platform

Work Package 1.1_Federated_Microservice_Collaborative_Platform

Industry Challenges

In order for companies to sufficiently deal with disruption situations, and overall visibility of the operation's supply chain is necessary. However, this involves data-sharing at a massive level that induces fears of data privacy breach. 

Federated Microservice-based Supply Chain Collaborative Platform Solution

Our Solution

The Federated Microservice-based Supply Chain Collaborative Platform is a multi-enterprise supply chain network platform that brings about visibility for multi-tier supplier collaboration to manage disruptions and traceability, all while preserving data privacy and ensuring organisations' data security. 

A federated database architecture is one in which a collection of independent database systems are united into a loosely coupled federation to share and exchange information.

Central to this solution is a Hybrid between Cloud and Local resources, where only metadata, models and references are kept by the Cloud. This allows actual data to be preserved locally, avoiding mass data migration and privacy concerns among different organisations in the supply chain—a novel approach not currently available commercially. 

Use Cases

• Cloud-based Federated Platform without the need to centralise data.
• Smart edge Gateway to bring analytics on-site and to overcome latency issue. 
• Supply Chain Management Ontologies for truly end-to-end visibility.

Industry Collaborations

Together with a multinational aerospace and defense company, we developed a Proof of Concept (POC) to showcase how data between business partners can be shared among them with less time, effort and cost using a multi-tier supply chain collaborative platform.