Flexible Order Management & Re-planning


Industry Challenges

Order processing is currently labour-intensive and tedious. While Natural Language Processing can generally recognise and interpret voices, it is not sufficiently contextualised to process orders. This results in business losses and inefficient use of resources, especially human labour. 

Flexible Order Management and Re-planning Solution

Our Solution

A Natural Language Processing (NLP)-supported interpretive order capturing application that enables end-to-end, no-touch order processing and an order-planning system with in-memory database technique for dynamic rep-lanning. The solution can be applied to critical sites along the supply chain testbed to fortify supply chain planning capabilities. 

Use Cases

• Interpretive Sales Order Capture for intelligent information extraction from text and voice via NLP
• No-touch Order Processing, Dynamic Order Plan and Re-plan for accurate real-time inventory tracking
• Order Fulfillment Plan Execution enables hands-off delivery order and logistics plan generation

Industry Collaborations

Work in progress.