Dynamic Network Configuration & Simulation

Supply Chain 4.0 Dynamic Network Configuration & Simulation

Industry Challenges

Different supply chain simulation models work in silo and have to be manually interpreted. Not only is the data (from the different models) exchange a labour-intensive and time-consuming process, the accuracy of the resultant analysis is often not guaranteed. The market lacks a software integrator to connect different components into a coherent whole that would translate fragmented data into functional business tools. 

Our Solution

The Dynamic Network Configuration & Simulation package is a comprehensively-integrated supply chain simulation solution with semantic modelling to analyse, design and optimise supply chain networks (SCNs). This deepens users' understanding of supply networks, to strengthen impromptu decision-making capability in dynamic and disruptive scenarios to achieve efficient, accurate network configuration and production facility design and planning. 

Use Cases

• O²DES Warehouse Digital Twin enables data visualization for risk assessment capability and to pre-empt disruption impacts for prompt decision-making.

Industry Collaborations

The Dynamic Network Configuration & Simulation team has worked with a Fortune 500 company to test drive its solution. 

Through the collaboration, the company was able to utilise a simulation testbed in order to significantly improve network configuration designs and to further adapt the organisation's technologies customised for the future situations and disruption events.