Autovanning & Devanning

Work package 3.1 Autovanning & Devanning

Industry Challenges

In the transition towards a skilled and knowledge economy, many heavy warehouse operations need to undergo a makeover. The current ageing population and general unavailability of unskilled labour for many back-breaking logistics tasks are additional push factors towards warehouse automation. 

Autovanning & Devanning Solution

Our Solution

The Auto Vanning & Devanning programme comprises a flexible, mobile, compact and cost-effective robotic prototype in terms of hardware, complemented with software—AI-based computer vision and motion-planning capabilities for vanning and devanning, picking and placing of diverse loads in challenging warehouse conditions (e.g. low-light, space constraints etc.) 

Use Cases

● Computer vision system to effectively identifies and locates boxes to be applied to operations such as palletising and depalletizing, tote loading of boxes, and cargo loading and unloading
● Motion planning system facilitates work within constrained environments, including shelf picking and replenishment, as well as warehouse loading and unloading
●  The overall system is capable of vanning and devanning of containers filled with boxes that traditionally requires manpower to manage

Industry Collaborations

Work in progress.