Prof Masashi Sugiyama

Masashi Sugiyama received the PhD degree in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, in 2001. After experiencing assistant and associate professors at the same institute, he became a professor at the University of Tokyo in 2014. Since 2016, he has concurrently served as Director of RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, leading the groups of fundamental AI technologies, AI applications, and social issues of AI. He (co)-authored machine learning monographs including Machine Learning in Non-Stationary Environments (MIT Press, 2012), Density Ratio Estimation in Machine Learning (Cambridge University Press, 2012), Statistical Reinforcement Learning (Chapman and Hall, 2015), Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning (Morgan Kaufmann, 2015), Variational Bayesian Learning Theory (Cambridge University Press, 2019), and Machine Learning from Weak Supervision (MIT Press, 2022).

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