Dr Lee Hwee Kuan

Hwee Kuan Lee - Adjunct Member

Lee Hwee Kuan’s current research work involves the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research for clinical and biological applications. His laboratory focus on diverse research activities, including more basic AI centric research as well as AI applications. Theoretical AI development activities in Hwee Kuan’s laboratory is mostly inspired by impactful clinical use cases. Clinical application areas include, diagnostics in cancers, cardiology, dermatology and  interventional radiology. In the area of biology, Hwee Kuan’s laboratory develops bioinformatics pipelines in spatial omics and single cell analysis, and in the development of AI in protein science and drug discovery. Hwee Kuan’s primary appointment is as the Deputy Director for Training and Talent development in the Bioinformatics Institute. He also holds multiple adjunct and joint appointments in the local universities and other research institutions.

Contact: leehk@bii.a-star.edu.sg