Qian Hangwei


Research Area
  • Transfer Learning
  • Contrastive Learning
  • Wearable-based Studies


  • Wallenberg-NTU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship


  • Interpretable and Generalisable Feature Learning for Human Activity Recognition (Lead PI, supported by Wallenberg-NTU PPF)
  • A Transfer Learning Platform for Non-stationary Time Series Prediction (Co-PI, supported by the Joint NTU-Webank Research Centre on FinTech)


1. Qianwen Meng, Hangwei Qian, Yong Liu, Yonghui Xu, Zhiqi Shen and Lizhen Cui: MHCCL: Masked Hierarchical Cluster-wise Contrastive Learning for Multivariate Time Series, AAAI, 2023.

2. Hangwei Qian, Tian Tian and Chunyan Miao: What Makes Good Contrastive Learning on Small-Scale Wearable-based Tasks? KDD, 2022.

3. Chenyu Sun, Hangwei Qian and Chunyan Miao: CCLF: A Contrastive-Curiosity-Driven Learning Framework for Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning, IJCAI, 2022.

4. Yongjie Wang, Hangwei Qian and Chunyan Miao: DualCF: Efficient Model Extraction Attack from Counterfactual Explanations, ACM FAccT, 2022.

5. Fei Luo, Hangwei Qian, Di Wang, Xu Guo, Yan Sun, Eng Sing Lee, Hui Hwang Teong, Ray Tian Rui Lai and Chunyan Miao: Missing Value Imputation for Diabetes Prediction, IEEE WCCI, 2022.

6. Hangwei Qian, Sinno Jialin Pan and Chunyan Miao: Latent Independent Excitation for Generalisable Sensor-based Cross-Person Activity Recognition, AAAI, 2021. 

7. Hangwei Qian, Sinno Jialin Pan and Chunyan Miao, Weakly-Supervised Sensor-based Activity Segmentation and Recognition via Learning from Distributions, Artificial Intelligence Journal, 2021.

8. Hangwei Qian, Sinno Jialin Pan, Bingshui Da and Chunyan Miao: A Novel Distribution-Embedded Neural Network for Sensor-Based Activity Recognition, IJCAI, 2019.

9. Hangwei Qian, Sinno Jialin Pan, and Chunyan Miao, Distribution-based Semi-Supervised Learning for Activity Recognition, AAAI, 2019.

10. Hangwei Qian, Sinno Jialin Pan, and Chunyan Miao: Sensor-based Activity Recognition via Learning from Distributions, AAAI, 2018.

Research Services

  • Conference PC Member: ICLR, CVPR, KDD, AAAI, IJCAI, ACML, ICCSE 
  • Journal Reviewer: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Transactions on Services Computing (TSC), IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), IEEE Intelligent Systems, Scientific Reports, BMC Bioinformatics