Zhu Hong Yuan

team--zhu hong yuan

Research Area
  • Computer Vision
  • Multi-modal Learning and Reasoning
  • Robot Learning


  • A*STAR Career Development Award 2021
  • KUKA Innovation Award Finalist 2021
  • EPIC-Kitchen Text-Video Retrieval Challenge 2022 Top 3


  • NRF Space Tech Whitespace 
  • A*STAR RobotHTPO Seed Fund
  • SmartNation TransGrant


1. Ye, C., Zhu, H., Zhang, B., Chen, T. A Closer Look at Few-Shot 3D Point Cloud Classification. International Journal of Computer Vision, 131, pages 772–795. (2023)

2. Hu, P., Zhu, H., Lin, J., Peng, D., Zhao, Y.P., Peng, X. Unsupervised Contrastive Cross-Modal Hashing. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 45(3): 3877 – 3889. (2023)

3. S. Chen, H. Zhu, X. Chen, Y. Lei, T. Chen, G. Yu. End2End 3D Dense Captioning with Vote2Cap-DETR. CVPR 2023.

4. Y. Feng, H. Zhu, D. Peng, X. Peng, P. Hu. RONO: Robust Discriminative Learning with Noisy Labels for 2D-3D Cross-Modal Retrieval. CVPR 2023.

5. Y. Yang, M. Hayat, Z. Jin, H. Zhu, Y.Lei, Zero-Shot Point Cloud Segmentation by Semantic-Visual Aware Synthesis, Accepted, ICCV2023

6. R. Zhang, H. Zhu, H. Zhang, C.Gong, T.Zhou, F.Meng, Semi-supervised Few-shot Segmentation with Noisy Support Images, ICIP202

More publications here.

Research Services

  • Associate Editor, Visual Computer
  • Area Chair, ACM MM Asia2022
  • Senior Program Committee, IJCAI2021
  • Reviewer of CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICML, NeurIPS, AAAI, IJCAI