Type-aware Embeddings for Multi-Hop Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs

By: Zhiwei Hu, Víctor Gutiérrez-Basulto, Zhiliang Xiang, Xiaoli Li, Ru Li, Jeff Z. Pan

Multi-hop reasoning over real-life knowledge graphs (KGs) is a highly challenging problem as traditional subgraph matching methods are not capable to deal with noise and missing information. To address this problem, it has been recently introduced a promising approach based on jointly embedding logical queries and KGs into a low-dimensional space to identify answer entities. However, existing proposals ignore critical semantic knowledge inherently available in KGs, such as type information.

To leverage type information, the research team proposes a novel TypE-aware Message Passing (TEMP) model, which enhances the entity and relation representations in queries, and simultaneously improves generalization, deductive and inductive reasoning. Remarkably, TEMP is a plug-and-play model that can be easily incorporated into existing embedding-based models to improve their performance. Extensive experiments on three real-world datasets demonstrate TEMP's effectiveness.