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Heartbeat - Social Media Research Platform

Heartbeat is a social media research and analytic visualization platform which is aimed at facilitating users “feel the pulse in real time” for research-worthy topics, such as population responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is developed by researchers studying Affective and Social Intelligence from A*STAR's Institute of High Performance Computing.

Social media has tremendous value that offers rich and real time insights from naturalistic data about what people are talking about, care about and arise emotions to, as and when these events and emotions unfold. We developed Heartbeat in order to demonstrate the extent to which emotional-level analysis from the natural language expressed in the social media using our CrystalFeel engine can bring valuable insights with real-world data, such as for illuminating emotion trends and changes to the COVID-19 pandemic through tweets data analysis. 


  • Able to incorporate real-time, hourly refreshed visualisation of massive data of social media sentiments from key social media sources (e.g., Twitter standard API)
  • Emotion information measurement is based on built-in processing using CrystalFeel engine which has accurate emotion analysis capability at the level of emotion intensity analysis
  • Heartbeat platform is research friendly, featuring the ability to rapidly adapt to important topics based on keywords (e.g., COVID-19 related keywords such as corona, covid, nCov)


The Science Behind

Heartbeat is developed with using CrystalFeel multidimensional emotion analysis technology at the heart of the processing engine, coupled with real-time social media data API and a suite of useful analytic dashboard components: overall statistics, geographic visualisation, temporal visualization of time-series data of sentiment and emotions, as well as emotion-level word clouds. 

Industry Applications

Heartbeat enhances CrystalFeel with its ability to integrate real-time data stream and visualisation, focusing on Twitter platform. It can be used for a variety of social media research applications.

View the live dashboard of Heartbeat for COVID-19.

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