Accelerated Catalyst Development Platform (ACDP) won multiple awards

Congratulations to the A*STAR Team working behind the Accelerated Catalyst Development Platform (ACDP) project. 

The ACDP harnessed key domain expertise in automated high-throughput experimentation (including catalyst synthesis and testing), machine learning, and rapid high-throughput simulations to accelerate the discovery and development of novel catalysts. Additionally, the platform plays a pivotal role in advancing the decarbonisation of the energy and chemicals sector in Singapore, aligning with our national sustainability goals.

The affiliated scientists and researchers involved are from A*STAR Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy & Environment (ISCE2), Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) and  Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE).

In this project, IHPC integrated traditional catalytic computations with machine learning techniques and high-throughput calculations, achieving a comprehensive understanding of catalytic reactions. This synergistic approach not only provided deep insights but also significantly accelerated the processes of catalyst design and screening.

🔹 IES Sustainability Awards 2023 - Innovative Project/Solution for Sustainability
in recognition of an outstanding engineering project which has made significant contributions to Singapore’s sustainability

🔹 ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Awards 2023
for accelerated development of finely engineered and robust catalysts for sustainability applications

Team A*STAR won IES Awards 2023 on ACDP
(L to R) Dr Martin Van Meurs, Principal Scientist, ISCE2; Dr Amol Amrute, Senior Scientist, ISCE2; Dr Zhang Lili, Principal Scientist, ISCE2; Mr Dalson Chung, President, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore; Dr Zhang Jia, Principal Scientist, IHPC and Dr Michael Sullivan, Senior Principal Scientist, IHPC 

A*STAR Team at IES Awards 2023
A*STAR ACDP Team: (L to R) Dr Xu Jianwei, DED, ISCE2; Dr Martin Van Meurs, Principal Scientist, ISCE2; Dr Zhang Lili, Principal Scientist, ISCE2; Dr Zhang Jia, Principal Scientist, IHPC; Dr Amol Amrute, Senior Scientist, ISCE2 and Dr Michael Sullivan, Senior Principal Scientist, IHPC