Publicity Highlights

4TH UG2+ Prize Challenge

The 4th version of UG2+ Prize Challenge: CVPR 2021 will inherit the successful benchmark dataset, platform, and evaluation tools used by the first three UG2 workshops but will also look at brand new aspects of the overall problem, significantly augmenting its existing scope. Sponsored by NVIDIA and Walmart, this workshop aims to promote video-based action recognition algorithms’ robustness with a special focus on dark videos, under both fully or semi-supervised action recognition in the dark.

Our heartiest congratulations to Team A*StarTrek for emerging as the winner with the highest accuracy for Track 2.1: Fully Supervised Action Recognition in the Dark.

4th UG2+ Challenge 2021

A*StarTrek Team: 

  • Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC): Yang Zaifeng Yang
  • Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R): Jin Ruibing, Wu Keyu, Hou Yubo, Chen Zhenghua, Wu Min